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Forgiveness Counseling

There is a popular saying that claims while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. There is no escaping the painful fact that we cannot control the people, places and things we interact with nor can we be assured that the outcomes we seek in interactions with others will be guaranteed. As reasonable as those expectations are, there will be times when, in spite of our best intentions, we become locked in emotional control battles such as difficult relationships, losses, mistreatments by others or by life, health problems, career frustrations or any other causes of suffering, leaving us feeling victimized and resentful.

Many of us already have a decent understanding of how and why we are “stuck.”  What we do not know how to do is to let go of whatever it is that is hurting us. Enter Forgiveness Counseling. In 2002, Dr. Fred Luskin published Forgive For Good, which laid out the nine-step forgiveness process he created that has been extensively researched and successfully used to help tens of thousands suffering people.

Since 2008, I have been training with and teaching alongside Dr. Luskin, refining his Forgive for Good methodology for use in my clinical practice. Using the Forgive for Good practices, I will teach you how to:

  • Create “positive refocusing” through exercises of mindfulness, the use of the narrative, and guided imagery;
  • Identify and examine the major underpinnings of grievance formation;
  • Recognize typical resistances to practicing forgiveness and learn methods for working through them
  • Learn how to incorporate the practice of forgiveness into your everyday life.

I welcome any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact me.